Wet Wings || Glory Glory Album Press

It's been a few months since the release and we've seen some really warm reviews. The love is appreciated through and through! Here are some reviews that we found in our searches:

Under The Radar on August 9th, 2011:
Glory Glory received a 7.8/10 from UTR.
     "It is important to remember that this is not an album that hangs off a few hook-laden singles - instead it is more subtle, explorable experience, to be
enjoyed over several plays and gradually familiarized with."

Pasta Primavera on July 18th, 2011:
     "UK/Wellington duo Lucy and Darian aka Wet Wings create soulful, beautiful, sometimes whimsical, sometimes mournful, alway wonderful chamber pop music that skims the edge of lo-fi some nights while blistering through robust orchestration others."

     "Aside from being quite photogenic and quirky, they are charming and gentle with their piano/keyboard-based folk. On “Glory Glory”, they create various aural textures beneath a blanket of thoughtfully quiet lullabies that make a lovely mid-summer soundtrack. Every song has layers of instrumentation and occasional oddities such as a babbling toddler, all creating a lush soundscape. The other day I took an afternoon nap with this playing in my headphones. I woke up half an hour later, as the album was finishing, feeling gloriously zen and rested. It was a wonderful experience and I’ve been hooked since."

Video for "You're Not" by Tom Hutchison.

Music From A Green Window on October 7th, 2011:
     "I just have one question: Why has this not been more successful? This isn’t meant in a rhetorical, incensed way – I genuinely want to know. It bears so many of the hallmarks of what modern indie tastemakers favour that it seems odd to me that it hasn’t swept across The Hype Machine and its ilk with more force. By no means is this a perfect piece of work, but with a media base that increasingly accepts and encourages unfinished, young acts to release “bedroom music” (perhaps because that media base itself is becoming increasingly bedroom-made itself), I find it hard to believe that this hasn’t been picked up."

     "The album is an 11-track collection of pop-infused electronic journeys told through lush harmonies, ever-changing melodies, ethereal keyboard tonalities, guitar, flute and loads of other criss-crossing instrumentation... There’s also something childlike about the playfulness, expressiveness and joy of creation in “Glory Glory”. It’s dreamy, pretty, restless and finds light in every dark corner."

     "Wet Wings fell into our inbox last week, and mimetically we fell in love with their newest release: Glory Glory. It’s a refreshing dose of summery pop straight from New Zealand, combining eclectic percussion with tropical, almost highlife-esque guitar."

     "The full album, released yesterday, reveals a more characterised personality, full of soft focus sounds and cascading instrumental arrangements."

Lucy (L), Darian (R), and Unknown Dog

Darian and Lucy also did a few interviews:

Tonight We Dance, Tomorrow We Cry:
What is your favourite track from the record?
I like ‘Crowne Plaza’ because it has my one-year-old niece’s gibberish in the background. I don’t get to see her a lot as she lives in a different town.
What is the best thing about having a record out?
Being invited to drink champagne with famous rappers, play chess with politicians and hand out microwave meals to the poor.

If you weren’t producing music what do you think you guys would be doing?
Darian: We already do some things apart from music (I am an analyst for Government’s Treasury and Lucy studies Art History at university) but we often find ourselves watching movies when we’d arranged to practice.
Lucy: Studying more.

Under The Radar:
Which local musicians do you hang out with? Who inspires you?
Darian: We hang out with Jon Lemmon and Jonathan Phillips.
Lucy: Jon Lemmon makes me want to be funky.
Darian: Dangerously funky.
Lucy: J Phil inspires me to learn more industrial British history. Seth Frightening makes me want to be a rabbit frog prince. City Oh Sigh makes me want to get viola lessons again.
How does this band compare to other musical projects you’ve been involved with?

Lucy: I have only been involved in choirs and orchestras. This is way more chill. So chill.

Thanks again and if you haven't grabbed your copy, do so here!

Infinity Tapes


Wet Wings | Glory Glory // ∞002

We are back, and more than pleased to share our second release;
Wet Wings' Glory Glory.

The cassette is officially available for purchase right now.

About Glory Glory:
I'll tell you now that it is superb; very much an essential album for summer/life. Glory Glory is full of upbeat pleasure and super sticky melodies, but it's also home to a slew of other moods that will charm your ears and thoughts for eternity. The album is very, very good and Infinity Tapes is very, very proud to bring it to you on cassette tape.

Wet Wings' first full-length album was recorded this past summer (the western hemisphere's winter) in New Zealand. 11 beautiful tracks that are a bit of a departure from what some have called "gothic folk". The band is the same, their sound has just evolved into that of two human beings more experienced with life in this ever tumultuous world.

Wet Wings Glory Glory | INF ∞ 002

38 min. 59 sec.

                                                 1. Feeeel It (MP3)
                                                 2. You're Not
                                                 3. Stockholm (MP3)
                                                 4. Super Happy
                                                 5. Witching Hour
                                                 6. Stay Inside
                                                 7. Last Day of Summer
                                                 8. Crowne Plaza
                                                 9. We've Lost Her
                                                 10. A Terrible Thing
                                                 11. Grace

Photo/album art c/o Sebastiaan Bremer.

This release is limited to 100 copies. Click here to purchase. All cassette orders will be met with an email containing a link to download a digital copy of the album for yr iDevice. 

Thank you for your continued support and keep a look out very soon for a major ∞ TAPES announcement.

Love x ∞,


Wet Wings / Skin to Soil PRESS

Thank you to all the blogs and sites that have mentioned Wet Wings since the release of their debut EP. Here are some that we loved...

Gorilla Vs. BearAltered Zones:
               "Here are two beautifully misty/haunting tracks from the tape, “the diary of two young people who have heard mortality rattling.”" 10-11-10

Kitsune Noir:
               "They [Wet Wings] have kind of a New Order vibe, but if New Order liked to hang out at the beach a lot and they might have been hippies. I swear, these are compliments." 10-20-10

Death + Taxes on track Sleep Tight [mp3]:
               "The song writhes with utter devastation, plunking along sparsely before being joined with an equally as distraught cello—a truly inspired piece." 10-11-10

Delicious Scopitone (translated from French):
               "Skin to Soil is opening on a duo of psalms, equal to Panda Bear’s prayers. Beach Party and Whisper Always are instantly burning the inside. The voice duo of Wet Wings, Darian and Lucy, are glorifying every compositions. Going from an instrument to the other, like sensual rivers, their voices are close to purity..." 10-25-10

MagicRPM from Skin to Soil review (translated from French):
               "Wet Wings - duet from New Zealand - made with all the satellites of sweetness. A distant rhythmic, full of reverb, like an echo of the Beach Boys, and a pair of fragile voice like a breeze among the reeds. Nature seems to be fading and this temple that creates bewitching singing in Skin to Soil."

There are only a few copies remaining...


Love x ∞,
Infinity Tapes


Wet Wings | Skin to Soil EP // ∞001

We are more than happy to announce our very first release. Available immediately for purchase is a 6 song EP by Christchurch, New Zealand band Wet Wings. The EP, titled Skin to Soil, is a compelling, beautiful, hyperconscious story as told by Darian and Lucy. Skin to Soil was recorded in Christchurch, NZ in the time surrounding a 7.1 magnitude earthquake. Such force is mirrored in the each of the six songs. 

Skin to Soil is the very first physical release for Wet Wings.

1. Beach Party
2. Whisper Always
3. Keeping It Together
4. On A Journey
5. Sleep Tight
6. Running Like A Man [mp3]

Limited run of 100 hand-numbered cassettes. Click here to purchase.

Infinity Tapes


Infinity ∞ Tapes

Infinity Tapes is a brand new label started recently, that will last until the end of forever. We specialize in putting great music on cassette tapes by great bands from around the universe. 

The ∞ symbol was chosen for the feeling it evokes; infinite space/love/growth. Feelings so strong they can hardly be described with words. Infinity Tapes will do its best to give you music and art that brings about the same emotion as looking into the sky and gazing for ∞ . 

Look out for release number 1/∞.