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Thank you to all the blogs and sites that have mentioned Wet Wings since the release of their debut EP. Here are some that we loved...

Gorilla Vs. BearAltered Zones:
               "Here are two beautifully misty/haunting tracks from the tape, “the diary of two young people who have heard mortality rattling.”" 10-11-10

Kitsune Noir:
               "They [Wet Wings] have kind of a New Order vibe, but if New Order liked to hang out at the beach a lot and they might have been hippies. I swear, these are compliments." 10-20-10

Death + Taxes on track Sleep Tight [mp3]:
               "The song writhes with utter devastation, plunking along sparsely before being joined with an equally as distraught cello—a truly inspired piece." 10-11-10

Delicious Scopitone (translated from French):
               "Skin to Soil is opening on a duo of psalms, equal to Panda Bear’s prayers. Beach Party and Whisper Always are instantly burning the inside. The voice duo of Wet Wings, Darian and Lucy, are glorifying every compositions. Going from an instrument to the other, like sensual rivers, their voices are close to purity..." 10-25-10

MagicRPM from Skin to Soil review (translated from French):
               "Wet Wings - duet from New Zealand - made with all the satellites of sweetness. A distant rhythmic, full of reverb, like an echo of the Beach Boys, and a pair of fragile voice like a breeze among the reeds. Nature seems to be fading and this temple that creates bewitching singing in Skin to Soil."

There are only a few copies remaining...


Love x ∞,
Infinity Tapes

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