Wet Wings | Glory Glory // ∞002

We are back, and more than pleased to share our second release;
Wet Wings' Glory Glory.

The cassette is officially available for purchase right now.

About Glory Glory:
I'll tell you now that it is superb; very much an essential album for summer/life. Glory Glory is full of upbeat pleasure and super sticky melodies, but it's also home to a slew of other moods that will charm your ears and thoughts for eternity. The album is very, very good and Infinity Tapes is very, very proud to bring it to you on cassette tape.

Wet Wings' first full-length album was recorded this past summer (the western hemisphere's winter) in New Zealand. 11 beautiful tracks that are a bit of a departure from what some have called "gothic folk". The band is the same, their sound has just evolved into that of two human beings more experienced with life in this ever tumultuous world.

Wet Wings Glory Glory | INF ∞ 002

38 min. 59 sec.

                                                 1. Feeeel It (MP3)
                                                 2. You're Not
                                                 3. Stockholm (MP3)
                                                 4. Super Happy
                                                 5. Witching Hour
                                                 6. Stay Inside
                                                 7. Last Day of Summer
                                                 8. Crowne Plaza
                                                 9. We've Lost Her
                                                 10. A Terrible Thing
                                                 11. Grace

Photo/album art c/o Sebastiaan Bremer.

This release is limited to 100 copies. Click here to purchase. All cassette orders will be met with an email containing a link to download a digital copy of the album for yr iDevice. 

Thank you for your continued support and keep a look out very soon for a major ∞ TAPES announcement.

Love x ∞,